DSBA President's Message

President’s Message

The DSBA was pleased to be invited, together with the Law Society and the Bar Council, to nominate a representative to the new Dublin Circuit Court Civil Users Group. The User Group is chaired by Judge John O’Connor and includes the County Registrar and the Chief Clerk for Dublin District & Circuit Courts.  A number of serious challenges face the Court and its practitioners, to include the backlog caused by Covid 19, the new personal injury guidelines and the imminent commencement of the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015. The User Group will actively engage in addressing these issues and a fruitful first meeting was held on the 31st January 2022. The DSBA, through its nominee  James McMahon, looks  forward to highlighting the views, concerns and suggestions of its members. In this regard please forward any feedback to jamesmcmahon@stjohnsolicitors.ie

Diego Gallagher - DSBA President