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Practice Management Seminar June 29th 2017

(19 May 2017)







29 JUNE 2017

The Radisson Hotel

Golden Lane

Dublin 8

2.00pm – 5.00


As a result of the passing of the Legal Services Regulation Act, 2015 and its ongoing implementation a substantial number of changes are occurring in the area relating to the recovery of legal costs.


Aside from the changes occasioned by the forthcoming implementation of the Legal Services Regulation Act other substantial developments have arisen relating to the taxation process and the ability to recover legal costs prior to taxation, the former as a result of the ongoing litigation of the case of Sheehan v. Corr which has moved from taxation, to the High Court, to the Court of Appeal and finally to the Supreme Court, the judgment for which is imminent.


Over and above that the President of the High Court recently issued a Practice Direction enabling successful parties in litigation to obtain an Interim Order for payment of costs pending taxation and subject to certain conditions.


To keep our members fully up to date with the implications of the above the following persons have agreed to address the meeting;

Áine Hynes - President of the DSBA on the practice direction issued by the President of the High Court.

Keith Walsh - The new section 150 notice (to the replace the current section 68 notice).

Michael Boylan - Augustus Cullen Law Solicitors.  Sheehan v. Corr, an overview, its implications and an update.

Stephen Fitzpatrick - Costs Accountant and Solicitor.  The changes arising to the taxation of costs from the Legal Services Regulation Act and its current status.

Niall Cawley-Chairperson


Áine Hynes is a partner in St. John Solicitors and current President of the DSBA. In her role as President of the DSBA, she has actively engaged with the Legal Service Regulatory Authority with a regular schedule of meetings with the Interim CEO Renee Dempsey. This has been a very positive engagement, as the DSBA has no regulatory function and serves to represent our member's interests.  She has overseen the work of the DSBA Legal Services Task Force at this busy time of implementation of the Legal Services Regulation Act. The DSBA submissions on legal partnerships and the need for further public consultation by the Authority were accepted by the Authority and form part of its recommendation its report to the Minister under Section 118 of the Act.


Keith Walsh is a Solicitor practicing in the area of civil litigation and family law based in a four solicitors practice in Crumlin Village, Dublin.  He is a member of the DSBA Task Force on the Legal Services Regulation Act, 2015, and is a more recent member of The Law Society Task Force on the Legal Services Act.  He led the drafting of the new section 150 notice for the Law Society and is currently a member of The Law Society Council since 2015.


Michael Boylan. Over the past 35 years he has specialised in the area of medical negligence and has been involved in many hundreds of medical negligence actions including many of the leading Irish medical negligence cases including the leading landmark case of Dunne v. National Maternity Hospital (where he acted for the Plaintiff). He has lectured extensively and has written numerous articles and book chapters. In addition, he has recently published a book on medical negligence law. He has successfully concluded many complex cases including approximately 90 birth injury, cerebral palsy and other catastrophic injury claims with multi-million pound/Euro awards for various infants and their families.


Stephen Fitzpatrick is a managing partner in Fitzpatrick & Co. Costs Accountants and is a qualified Solicitor and a Mediator and is licenced with the Costs Lawyer Standards Board in England and Wales.  Stephen has represented Legal Costs Accountants on all cost reforms to date including the Haran and Miller Working Groups 2005-2006 and provides regular assistance to the Law Society and the DSBA on costs matters to include the Legal Services Legislation. Stephen is the Secretary of the Institute of Legal Cost Accountants and is its nominee to the Board of the Legal Services Regulatory Authority.




Conference Information

Date:                29 JUNE 2017

Time:                2.00 – 5.00pm

Location:          The Radisson Hotel

                                Golden Lane

                                Dublin 8

Fees:                € 150.00 Member

€ 245.00.00 Non Member

Registration:    1.30pm

                        2.00pm Presentations followed by questions and answers

                        5.00pm Conclusion



                        ** Any surplus Practice Management hours may be set off against the                                                 solicitor’s overall requirement.


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