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Art 64 Appeals - Callover 24th July

(10 Jul 2018)

As discussed at the User Group meeting the Supreme Court has set aside some time next term to hear Art 64 appeals provided such appeals are ready for hearing.   

While an application will be required to be made to the Supreme Court to have the appeal transferred back to the Supreme Court the first thing for practitioners to attend to is the filing and service of submissions of the appellant in accordance with the directions given at the Callover lists last term.  As the vast majority of those time-lines expire this week it is vital that submissions are filed within the timeline fixed by the Court.  This will enable an appeal to be included in the Callover on the 24th July. 

While a more detailed Notice will appear in the next few days please arrange for the attached Notice to be brought to the attention of practitioners in case it is missed in the Legal Diary - it would be a pity if there were insufficient appeals ready to take the hearing dates in the Supreme Court next term.  



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